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Teja solar Sunstyle

Saint-Charles - France ©Éric Legrand - Akuo

Bâtiment tertiaire - © n11 architekten gmbh

Scierie – Suisse ©SunStyle

Solar tejas - Sunstyle

Saint-Charles - France ©Éric Legrand - Akuo

Saint-Charles - France ©Éric Legrand - Akuo

Saint-Charles - France ©Éric Legrand - Akuo

Solar Tile SunStyle®

We transform the roof of your property into an integrated solar roof with zero aesthetic impact with certified photovoltaic tiles made of high-performance armored glass.

25-year performance guarantee

Clean energy


Extreme weather


Floating Solar

Lack of soil is no longer a problem, it uses the surface of drinking water reservoirs, lakes, dams, irrigation canals and waste ponds to produce solar energy.

Clean energy

Respect for the environment

Extreme weather

Production optimisation

Quick install

Solar flotante

O’MEGA 1 – France ©Akuo

Tuléar – Madagascar ©Akuo

Modular System

Fully portable solar energy for quick and easy installation.


Deployed in 30 minutes

Tested solution

Pre-wired, pre-assembled and optimized

Folded in 45 minutes

Photovoltaic Agriculture

We offer solar solutions for greenhouses, crop fields and livestock farms.


Two activities in one solution

Agriculture more efficient

Structures adapted

Economic performance

Innovative project

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Bellegarde - France ©Akuo