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The Game-Changing Photovoltaic Tile

Quality. Design. Sustainability.

Elevate Your Roof with Sunstyle® Solar Tiles

Enhanced Durability

Crafted from robust construction materials, our solar tiles are designed to endure extreme weather conditions. Certified for fire resistance, hail impacts, wind resilience, snow load, they surpass the strength of conventional roofing systems.

The Sole Insurable Solar Roof Tile

Our tile stands as the exclusive insurable photovoltaic building material, backed by the following certificates.

Elegance Redefined

At Lone Lighthouse, we embrace the seamless integration of aesthetics and photovoltaic power generation, exemplified by our innovative “Dragon Scales” system — a perfect synthesis of form and function.

We transform your property roof into a seamlessly integrated solar solution featuring certified photovoltaic tiles. Crafted from high-performance, energy-efficient armoured glass, these tiles harness solar power effectively and can be customized in three colours.

A Roof Designed To Serve Multiple Generations

Welcome to a paradigm that transcends time.

Optimize The Full Potential Of Your Roof

Our approach involves harmoniously blending non-photovoltaic tiles with solar tiles, ensuring a superior integration of the project onto your roof and the most efficient utilization of resources.

Transform Your Roof Into An Asset For Your Property

Forget about outdated roofs and opt for a singular solution crafted to endure for generations. The use of tempered glass ensures lasting resistance over time.  

BIPV Solar Architecture

Our perfectly sealed, waterproofed solar roof eliminates the safety concerns linked to conventional panel installations, such as water leaks, fire, overheating, wind and hail damage.

We take advantage of the entire available surface for energy production, optimizing the potential to achieve maximum return on investment.

Sunstyle® Tile

Clean Energy Generation

Seal and Waterproof Design

Exceptional Durability

Optimal Aesthetic Integration with the Landscape

25-year Performance Guarantee

Efficiency +127 Wp/m2

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We facilitate the processing of rehabilitation subsidies compatible with photovoltaic installations.


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