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We are experts in photovoltaic solar energy. We offer solutions for homes, businesses and farms, combining the criteria of sustainability and profitability.



Commitment to a sustainable energy system..

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We design comprehensive projects that maximise the sun's energy in places where others cannot reach. At Lone Lighthouse we work together with great partners that allow us to offer guarantee and durability in all the solutions we offer. We collaborate with the company Akuo, a French independent renewable energy producer with solid experience in the development of solar technology, financing, construction and operation of solar, wind, hydro and biomass power plants.

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Solar Tile SunStyle®

We transform the roof of your property into an integrated solar roof with zero aesthetic impact with certified photovoltaic tiles made of high-performance armored glass.

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Floating Solar

Lack of soil is no longer a problem, it uses the surface of drinking water reservoirs, lakes, dams, irrigation canals and waste ponds to produce solar energy.


Smart Storage

Optimise your solar installation with systems that improve the profitability of your investment.

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Modular System

Fully portable solar energy for quick and easy installation.

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Photovoltaic Agriculture

We offer solar solutions for greenhouses, crop fields and livestock farms.